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A fleet of approximately fifty 1917 White touring cars was purchased by YPTCo, mostly in 1917 but with some added as late as 1924. These sportier touring cars provided an impressive ride for dignitaries visiting the Park. Passengers who arrived by train could also hire these cars, complete with driver, for a more personalized tour of the sights.

The touring cars are smaller than the buses with seating for six passengers plus the driver. The smaller size readily distinguishes the White touring cars from the buses and the straight windshield and lack of bumpers separates them from the later Lincoln touring cars.  The driver’s compartment is separated from the passengers’ compartment by a second cowl which also provides space for storing the two folding jumpseats when not in use. Most of the time, the top could be folded down to provide an unobstructed view of Yellowstone’s famous sights. But when needed, the top could be raised and side curtains snapped to the sides to keep passengers dry and comfortable. 


White Motor Company - Touring Car  

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White Motor Company - Touring Cars
White Motor Company - Touring Cars