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1920-1923 MODEL 15-45 WITH GN ENGINE

Additional Information

We can see the combination of features distinguishing this model with a GN engine from the earlier TEB model and the later Model 15-45 buses: higher body sides making the first and second door look rectangular rather than square, 10-bolt front wheel hubs, and the flat cowl below the windshield.

The major changes to the Model 15-45s are the completely redesigned engine and transmission on a heavier frame. The 45 hp engine features a removable head and a pressurized oil system with an oil pressure gauge added to the dash. The longer, four-cylinder engine increases the wheel base by 4.5 inches resulting in a longer hood and front fenders. The new transmission has a more traditional shift pattern and is easier to shift.

Notice the metal-covered trunk at the back for passengers’ luggage rather than the simple canvas cover found on the previous Model TEB buses, a carryover from the stagecoaches.

White Motor Company - MODEL 15-45 WITH GN ENGINE


Chassis Specs:

​Engine: 45 HP Four Cylinder Engine

Transmission: 4 Speed Manual

Steering: Manual, Cam & Lever

Brakes: Mechanical, Rear Wheel Brakes Only

Body Specs:
Custom Built 4 seat, 11 passenger open sided touring body with a retractable canvas top. The lighting consisted of front and rear kerosene running lights and acetylene gas headlights powered by a gas cylinder mounted on the running board.  The rear contained an enclosed trunk instead of a leather boot.  The seats were made with coil springs, horse hair, cotton and covered with black leather.

White Motor Company - MODEL 15-45 WITH GN ENGINE
White Motor Company - MODEL 15-45 WITH GN ENGINE