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1923-1925 MODEL 15-45 WITH GR ENGINE

Additional Information

The curved cowl (below the windshield) and a slightly improved engine distinguish this model from the earlier four-seat touring buses with fold-down tops. The GR engine has minor changes to the head and manifolds, contributing to an increase from 45 to 50 hp. The slanted sparkplugs distinguish the GR engine from the earlier GN engine.

Also new on these buses in 1925 are the slightly smaller, 22-inch wheels with balloon tires, rather than the high-pressure tires of earlier models. The felloes (the rim supporting the spokes) for the first time are made of steel rather than wood.

Through 1925, these buses still have kerosene tail lamps and acetylene gas headlamps with the acetylene tank mounted on top of the running boards. The running boards and front floor boards are covered in gray linoleum.


White Motor Company - MODEL 15-45 WITH GR ENGINE


Chassis Specs:

Engine: 50 HP Four Cylinder Engine
Transmission: 4 Speed Manual
Steering: Manual, Cam & Lever
Brakes: Mechanical, Rear Wheel Brakes Only

Body Specs:
Custom Built 4 seat, 11 passenger open sided touring body with a retractable canvas top. The lighting consisted of front and rear kerosene running lights and acetylene gas headlights powered by a gas cylinder mounted on the running board.  The rear contained an enclosed trunk instead of a leather boot.  The seats were made with coil springs, horse hair, cotton and covered with black leather.

White Motor Company - MODEL 15-45 WITH GR ENGINE
White Motor Company - MODEL 15-45 WITH GR ENGINE