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Sporty, chauffeur-driven touring cars were used for giving visiting dignitaries and other tourists a special ride to see the sites in the Park, but in the early 1920s the White touring cars of 1917 were becoming outdated. The first Lincoln touring car arrived in 1923, followed by two more in 1924. After many of the White touring cars were lost to a fire in March of 1925, Yellowstone Park Transportation Company decided to replace the aging White touring cars with the Lincoln touring cars. A closer look at the Lincolns reveals that they have several of the latest features to please the high-classed clientele. The radiators have bright, nickel-plated shells and vertical louvers that automatically open and close depending on the water temperature. The electric headlights cleverly raise and lower for high beam and low beam. Fashionable wind-wings on each side of the windshield add a sporty look and also deflect harsh winds from the passengers’ faces. A beautiful wood-grain dash features nickel-plated instruments, including a speedometer. A separate second cowl with another wood-grain dash separates the front seat from the rear passenger area and provides storage for the folding jumpseats when not in use.

The V-8 engine provides sufficient power to travel over 50 mph, where roads and speed limits permit, and allows it to climb the steepest grades in the Park without losing as much speed as the buses. 


Lincoln Motor Company - Touring Car

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Lincoln Motor Company - Touring Car
Lincoln Motor Company - Touring Car